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Great advice On Hiring Live Music For A Wedding

Great advice On Hiring Live Music For A Wedding

With all the hustle and bustle of preparing for a wedding you may be tempted to not give too much thought to music on your special day. However there are 3 distinct times during the wedding when you may want music to be played, and this article explains what music you may want to be played during these times.

The ceremony is usually the most serious part of the festivities, but you still need to think carefully about music to be played before, during and after it. You will need some music to be played while your guests are arriving, music for the bride to walk in to, and music for when the bride and groom leave. This music can range from a singer, to a string quartet. If you are on a low budget then it is probably better to save your money to pay for entertainment during your evening reception, but you will still need to have some appropriate music playing. If you are getting married in a church then you can get an organist to play for you. This is usually more appropriate for this type of wedding. If you are on a high budget and like classical music then a string quartet or single violinest could be more appropriate.

Wedding classical music

During the reception some couples choose not to have music, but depending on your venue and the sort of wedding you are having, it might be appropriate to have music here too. You could use the same musicians you have used for the ceremony, or alternatives include a pianist, guitarist or jazz band. Make sure the music is appropriate for the size of room and still allows for easy conversation between the guests.

The music in the evening reception is probably the most important of all. You will want your guests to be able to dance and enjoy themselves. A lot of couples choose to have a disco at this time of night. These are usually easy to organise as the venue can often recommend a DJ for you. However, if you want something more personal you could invite a wedding band.

The spotlight band - surreys favourite wedding band for hire

You will probably want a group of muscians with a singer that can allow you to have some choice as to the music you want. You will particularly want to make sure that they are able to perform your choice of first dance. Make sure the music is appropriate for the venue. It shouldn’t be too loud if you are in a smaller room, or too quiet if you have hired a large hall. Make sure there is a break for a buffet and that the band will be able to play until the time that you want the evening to end. Just make sure that the venue will allow live music before you book a band as some have restrictions including the time that the music has to end.

So hopefully now you will have some idea of the importance of music on your wedding day.

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