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Awards Ceremony Live Band Hire

Awards Ceremony Live Band Hire


Award ceremony events are a fantastic way to reward staff and are often a highlight within many organisations annual calendars.

Of course, having a covers band for the post ceremony party, is a fantastic way to provide music for everyone to dance to. However, to really impress your guests – hiring a live band to play  “stings” whilst the prize recipient walks up to the stage, truly adds the glitz of the Grammy’s to your event!

A live “Sting” is an excerpt of music, which is often relevant to the award being given, or the individual receiving the award. This can also be a light hearted moment through the use of a song used within more of a comedy context!

Limelight music agency provide bands who have performed for awards ceremonies across London and the UK for some of the biggest names in leisure and industry.

If you are having an awards ceremony event and want the added dimension of a live band to accompany the awards and impress your guests, contact us today for further information and advice.

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